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High precision force gauges. Built for a wide-range of force measurement applications.Ideal for tension and compression testing. Includes expandable microSD memory, USB and RS232 for easy PC Connectivity.
The FB series ranges in capacity from 1lbF (5N) with a resolution of 0.0002lbF (0.001N) to 10,000 lbF (50kN) with a resolution of 2lbF (10N)

FB THOR Precision
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The Precision Pro series are fully loaded force gauges ranging from 1lbF (5N) with a resolution of 0.0002lbF (0.001N) to 10,000 lbF (50kN). Packed with built-in wireless, expandable microSD memory card, USB, and RS232 for easy PC connectivity. Includes all essential force testing modes and Analog Input Output.
FC ZEUS Professional
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Pro Torque gauges and testers designed for clockwise and counter-clockwise testing. Easy to use and data can be easily accessible on a PC via built-in wireless, microSD memory card, USB, and RS232 interface. Ranging from 17lbF.in(2Nm) with a resolution of 0.01lbF.in(10Nm) with a resolution of 0.1lbF.in(0.01Nm).
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Easily automate force testing applications with the manual torbal test stand. Mount any Torbal foce gauge up to 100lbF.The stand is equipped with a digital caliper and allows to performing precise measurements at 3mm travel distance per rotation. The maximum travel length is 335mm
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Optimize all Torbal force gauges up to 100lbF with multiple attachments ranging from clamps, grips, and external loadcells.
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