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Analog Disruptor Genie
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Analog Disruptor Genie

SKU: SI-D238

Quick Overview

Vigorous mechanical cell disruption device. Dramatically increases the disruption efficiency of the disruption beads, glass or zirconia-silica, because of the unique and patented design of the sample holder. Designed to run at full speed. Supplied with Universal Microtube Holder(tubes not included) and Pop-off Cup.

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Recommended Upgrade

Digital Disruptor Genie

Increase cell disruption efficiency with adjustable speed and time.

Features and Functions

Increased Disruption Efficiency

Ideal for difficult glass bead procedures - cell disruptions/homogenizations of yeast cells, bacteria, plant and animal tissue or anything that requires extremely violent high-speed agitation.

More than Vortexing

Patented multi-directional action simultaneously agitates and vortexes at high-speed producing greater yields in less time.

Outstanding Value

Performance comparable to expensive ultrasonic cell disruptors/homogenizers.

Rugged Reliability

Solid metal casting and stainless steel construction. Does not “walk”.


Simply remove the Micro Tube holder and snap on the Pop-off Cup to achieve continuous or timed high-speed vortexing of single test tubes.

Hands-Free Automatically Timed

Disruption of up to 12 microtubes. 0-15 minute auto-off timer or continuous operation for Analog model.



Speed (RPM)3000 RPM (2850 for 50Hz models)
Timer0 - 15 minutes or continuous
Dimensions (base)165 x 122 x 190mm (6.5 x 4.8 x 7.5in)
Warranty24 months
MarkingsETL listed / CE

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