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The AD precision series scales are optimal for weighing operations that require high precision weighing. All scales and balances have nine weighing units and seven weighing functions. All Torbal laboratory scales are designed for any laboratory applications.
Precision Series
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The AGC advanced series features self calibration in a premier line of laboratory scales. The advanced automatic internal calibration mechanism keeps the scale calibrated regularly, maintaining maximum weighing accuracy. The scale will automatically calibrate itself at startup, at preset time intervals or whenever needed by temperature changes. A large LCD display, 7 weighing functions, and 9 weighing units make these easily operated laboratory scales robust and efficient.
Advanced Series
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The AG professional series includes top of the line laboratory scales built for advanced weighing applications. The automatic internal calibration mechanism keeps the scale calibrated consistently, providing flawless weighing accuracy. High resolution and 12 advanced weighing functions including pc connectivity via USB make this scale the absolute weighing choice. LCD graphical display and onscreen instructions makes this scale easy to operate.
PRO Series
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