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Genie Temp-Shaker 100
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Genie Temp-Shaker 100

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Quick Overview

Gentle Orbital Shaking up to 100RPM with precise temperature control ranging from 28° Celsius to 75° Celsius .The Genie Temp Shaker 100 allows for quick access through its unique 3-way chamber design. Easily tilt the chamber cover left, right, or back to optimize bench top space. The super lightweight cover can be easily removed for cleaning and attaching accessories. Our unique design of temperature flow allows for minimal loss of temperature with the chamber door opened. Our super-fast heaters allow to heat the chamber to a stable 75° Celsius in only 20 minutes. Never lose sight of your samples with a 360-degree view at all times.

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Features and Functions

Speed and Temperature Control

Gentle orbital shaking up to 100RPM with temperature from 28° to 75° Celsius.

Unique Flexible Access


Door: Direct physical access without compromising temperature.
Kickstand: Tilt the Cover left, right, or back wherever you have space.
Remove Cover: Cover is lightweight and can simply be lifted off for full access from all points. 

Full Clear Cover - 360° View

Ensures full view of your samples from any angle, even the back.

Fast Temperature

37°C in less than 3 minutes, 75°C in approximately 20 minutes.

Unique Design of Temperature Flow

Ensures that temperature is minimally affected when door is open. Chamber air is gently and continuously re-circulated ensuring temperature consistency and uniformity.


Can easily be picked up and moved.

Non Slip-tray

Features a unique spill-proof platform.

Optional Stacking Tray

Available for increased capacity with no tools required.



Speed (RPM)20 – 100 RPM
Temperature Range28°C - 75°C
Product Weight9 Kg (20 lbs)
Overall (D x W x H)450 X 480mm (17.6 x 19in)
Platform Capacity3 Kg (6.6 lbs)
Platform Dimension305 x 305mm (12 x 12in)
Chamber Volume40 L (2400 cubic inches)
Chamber Height305mm (12in)
Warranty24 months