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Orbital-Genie Adhering Mat
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Orbital-Genie Adhering Mat

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Quick Overview

Heavy duty large footprint Orbital-Genie With Adhering Mat provides a flat platform with adhering rubber mat perfect for use with open containers and T-flasks. Patented material is naturally adhering. Programmable ramping feature ensures a smooth ramp-up to desired speed avoiding potential spills. Fully programmable to create any mixing action.

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Features and Functions

Full Customization

Fully programmable - time, reversing time, and acceleration/deceleration rates.

Speed Control

Variable shaking speed with orbit REVERSING.

Customizable Mixing Action

Create any mixing action from a smooth vortex to sloshing aeration or anything in between.

Programmable Ramping

Ensures a smooth ramp-up to desired speed avoiding potential spills.

Stepper Motor

Delivering exceptional speed control, accuracy, and durability.

Easy to use Timer

Timer displays time or, when programmed to a defined limit, will shut off the unit.

Flask Clamps

Flask Clamps are of stainless steel construction for added strength and safety. Mix and match different size clamps on same platform or all same size. Includes mounting screws. Note: Flask Clamps can also be used on Orbital-Genie Adhering Mat by removing the blue Adhering Mat.

Double Sided Adhesive Tape and Adhering Mat

Are alternatives to flask clamps for securing vessels to shaker platform. Both are ideal for containers such as bottles and dishes that cannot be held with conventional clamps.



Speed (RPM)10 – 300 RPM including stir reverse
Timer1 min - 99 hours w/Alarm or Continuous
Selectable Ramp Rates10 - 100 rpm/sec
Product Weight21 Kg (46 lbs.)
Dimensions (base)460 x 460mm (18 x 18in)
Overall (D x W x H)590 x 500mm (23 x 20in)
Warranty24 months