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MegaMag Genie
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MegaMag Genie

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Quick Overview

Designed to safely and reliably mix liquid volumes up to 38 liters (10 gallons) using magnetic stirring bars. The rugged housing is made with an engineering grade thermoplastic resin and can support up to 85 pounds.

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Features and Functions


Feature slowly increases speed to avoid splashing and improve spin bar control.

Sleep Mode

The stirrer will automatically go into a “SLEEP” mode if the mixer is plugged in but not used for 10 minutes.


Housing channels fluids away from the internal components.


ABS/Polycarbonate housing and the famous Vortex-Genie heavy-duty motor.

Powerful Magnet and Motor

Offer exceptional magnetic force capable of stirring up to 38L.

LED Display

For easier speed and time readings.


Speed (RPM)250-1300
Maximum Stirring Positions1
Stir Bar Maximum Length7.6 cm (3in)
Top Surface Dimensions (D x W x H)305 x 305mm (12 x 12in)
Timer1 second - 99 hours
Selectable Ramp Rates5 - 300 rpm/sec
Product Weight3 Kg (6.6 lb)
Overall (D x W x H)310 x 305 x 130mm (12.25 x 12 x 5.1in)
Maximum Stirring Capacity38 L
Body MaterialABS/Polycarbonate