The new EnviroApp for Enviro-Genie

The new EnviroApp from Scientific Industries, Inc. is a companion application to the Enviro-Genie, an incubator used for the study of microorganisms and tissue cell growth under controlled temperatures and agitation.  EnviroApp optimizes the use of the Enviro-Genie by allowing the user complete control over its functions and settings.  So you can set all your configurations for the incubator and let EnviroApp do the rest.

The application is easy to use.  With a touch of the screen or click of your mouse on the dashboard, the EnviroApp can turn the Enviro-Genie on and off and all parameters can be reconfigured.  The application is intuitive and user-friendly and has a host of features that turn the incubator into an automated system.

Temperature email alerts

With the EnviroApp, you can control the internal temperature alarm settings of the incubator and set a custom temperature alarm threshold.  The application then monitors these settings on its own.  Whenever the custom threshold is exceeded, the app sends an email alert which can also be customized and sent to an unlimited amount of recipients.

Easy Connection

The EnviroApp connects easily to your PC via a USB port.  Simply plug the device in and the automatic detection feature will detect the communication ports on the USB adapter.  Or use it wirelessly with the optional short-range wireless adapter.  It's compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 and most Windows 10 touch tablets.

Analytics and Stats

Along with temperature monitoring and alerts, the EnviroApp analyzes the temperature of the incubator and then plots it on a line graph through the entire incubation process.  Critical statistical data like minimum, maximum, and average temperatures and measurement time can then be exported from the app to any spreadsheet software or into a text file.

Profile Storing

One click of the mouse lets you input all your settings and parameters into the incubator.  The profile storing feature assigns each configuration with its own name so you can easily find your commonly used configurations.  Click load profile and the incubator turns itself on with your specified settings for temperature, speed, and mode.


With the autorun feature, you can enter your settings and let the app do the rest.  Programs with sequences can be programmed into EnviroApp with individual parameters and duration time.  Every program can be assigned a unique name and even set to run on specific dates and times so that the Enviro-Genie is fully automated.

For more information about the EnviroApp, contact us.