Mini Orbital-Genie

Bigger isn't always better. However, when working in the lab you often are not thinking on such a grandiose scale.

This is why we have created the NEW Mini Orbital-Genie Shakers.

In designing these products, we kept in mind three things:

Make it Compact

We want the user to be able to use the shaker on the lab bench, and with a Mini Orbital-Genie that is a much less daunting task. You will be given more flexibility and ease in your work space.

Make it Multi-Task

The NEW Mini Orbital-Genie shakers were designed to be used with virtually any type of lab container including bottles, flasks, dishes and microplates. Flexibility is what's important!

Make it Powerful

Small doesn't have to mean weak. These low profile shakers feature high torque motors so that you don't have to sacrifice power with size.