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AGS120 250C PRO

AGS120 250C PRO

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Quick Overview

0.01% [120g x 0.001g] 250C The AGS120 is our most powers moisture analyzer. With 250W of drying power, a temperature range up to 250C, and 0.001g resolution the analyzer delivers unmatched performance. Design to withstand even the most demanding applications. Features a heave duty all metal housing, USB, RS232, and PS2 ports which allow for quick and stable PC connection.


Features and Functions

The Drying Oven uses two 500W Halogen heating elements to provide high speed infrared heating up to 250°C. Each element is used at half of its rated voltage, thereby providing for reliable operation and very greatly extended life. Temperature is sensed in good proximity to the samples for high accuracy and control. A programmable RS232 communication port is standard on all scales.
The analyzer offers 4 drying profiles (Standard, Slow, Step, and Rapid) which provide additional efficacy and allow the analyzer to adapt to a specific sample. The User may select one of three formulas for the analysis: Moisture % = mo-m/mo x 100, ATRO moisture % = mo-m/m x 100, or Dry Matter % = m/mo x 100. The choice of Mode is made in the Parameter Selection set up procedure which is greatly facilitated by the use of simple navigation keys.
The Torbal AGS Moisture Analyzer moisture analyzer is designed for heavy duty professional applications. The analyzer has a rugged and robust die cast metal housing, making it ideal for applications in tough environments. This rugged design provides a stable weighing platform and guarantees the long operating life of the unit.
A programmable USB and RS232 communication ports are standard on all AGS Professional Analyzers. The port allows transferring data to a printer or a PC. Under the control of Torbal software packages such as PROMas or STAT which are available for a free download. Data may be exported to standard word processing and spreadsheet programs.
A standard PS-2 keyboard connector allows the user to use a standard PC type keyboard for external alpha-numeric data entry. For those applications which require rigid test parameter recording this capability can save the user a great deal of time while entering data.
The analyzer produces a printed record of each analysis. The receipt includes details such as Drying temperature, Initial and Final sample weight, as well as sample moisture content and analysis modes entered by the operator.
The AGS Moisture Analyzer uses a backlit pixel type graphic display panel. It is an invaluable tool for presenting moisture analysis screens that are User friendly and understood.
The graphics display is used to plot result charts and they may be viewed in real time as the data for the plot is gathered. This provides the user with a powerful tool for revising parameters for data gathering.
A bank of 10 memory storage areas is set aside for storing analysis parameters for individual tests. All of the parameters associated with a particular type of analysis may be stored with a single key stroke. The User is prompted after every set up procedure with a save memory inquiry.
AGS Professional Analyzers have a sealed front panel which protects the keys and the LCD display from dust and accidental spills. With 20 logically grouped keys, the panel is simple, concise and intuitive. All keys are soft, have audible feedback, and are very responsive, which makes user interaction easy and fast.
The keyboard contains four navigation keys which are arranged likes the major points on a compass. These, combined with a Clear key and an Enter key, make selecting parameters an easy task. In addition, the Moisture Analyzer is equipped with dual tare keys, one on the left side of the keyboard, and one on the right side.
Every time the Analyzer is put through its Power Up sequence it performs a six step self test sequence to verify that the Analyzer is functioning properly. This feature can prevent the user from wasting valuable time and using misleading results.


Maximum Capacity120g
Readability (d)0.001g
Repeatability (Standard Deviation)0.001g
Linearity+/- 0.002g
Tare Range-120g
Accuracy ClassII
Analyzer Resolution0.1%
Maximum Drying Temperature250°C
Sampling Time1sec. to 180sec.
Maximum Drying Time10 hours
Drying Power250W
Warm-up TimeApproximately 30sec.
Pan Dimension90 mm (3.5 in)
Drying Chamber Dimensions108x20mm (4.2x0.8 in)
Scale Dimensions215 x 345 x 200 mm (8.5 x 13.6 x 7.9 in)
Warranty36 months